From the very beginning when Johnny McLeRoy built houses based on a handshake and a sketch on a napkin, the vision has remained the same:


In everything we do.


In everything we build.

Hard Work

For a job done right.

Mr. McLeRoy has been very careful to instill these values in McLeRoy Inc. during the last 45 years of continuous growth. Today his sons, Dee and Eric, move the company forward in industrial and commercial development based on the same work ethic and morals put in place by their father.

Our Mission

McLeRoy, Inc strives to furnish a high quality project for the most competitive price, with integrity and an excellent working relationship with each client regardless of project size.

McLeRoy Inc. takes great pride in being a highly qualified firm to meet all of our clients needs.  

Some of our qualifications are:

  • General Contractor  # GCCO001150
  • Utility Contractor # UC302338 
  • Realtor # 020015
  • GDOT Contractor #13156
  • Georgia 811 Member
  • Competent Person for Excavation
  • Drugs Don’t Work Member
  • Confined Space Certified
  • Erosion Control and Storm Water Management
  • Pipe Fusion Certified
  • OSHA Construction Safety and Health
  • Georgia Utility Contractors Association

Moving Forward

We may be a company with a rich history, but at McLeRoy we are a company always dedicated to moving forward.

Central to the way we think and integral to the way we work — at McLeRoy we bring a forward-thinking approach to every project, big and small, that enables us to get the job completed on-time, on-spec and on-budget.

High Standards & Enduring Values

At McLeRoy we share a common interest in the success of your project, from the project manager, the realtor or the receptionist all the way to the president.

Information obtained in business is strictly confidential. McLeRoy prides itself in the fact that our employees are expected to compete hard, but with high ethics and no conflicts of interest. It is of the highest importance that our clients are treated fairly and receive the quality service they expect.

As we move forward, we recognize that some things never change. Our history and company culture still place weight and credence in someone’s word and the value of a handshake. Which is why our standard of conduct still entails being honest and open and always treating our clients, vendors and employees with the utmost in respect and equality.

Leading Innovation

Moving Forward with Technology

From utilizing new equipment and products to incorporating new methods and processes, McLeRoy is committed to empowering our workers with new technologies that enable superior results.

To ensure our projects meet exact specifications and demanding schedules, while minimizing our impact on the environment, McLeroy also recognizes the need to seek out emerging technologies and to consistently improve the quality and efficiency of our work.

Committed to Our People

Moving Forward with Safety

We are proud to make safety a fundamental priority at McLeRoy, and back it up with a safety record that places us among the leaders in our industry.

Providing a safe work environment for our team members and the public is non-negotiable. Which is why we strive to empower every employee to make safety the number one priority in all that they do.