As our company grew, Mr. McLeRoy was careful to instill these values in every new endeavor:


In everything we do.


In everything we build.

Hard Work

For a job done right.

Since our beginning — when Johnny McLeRoy built houses based on a handshake and a sketch on a napkin — the McLeRoy values have remained the same. Today his sons, Dee and Eric, move McLeroy, Inc. forward with general contracting, industrial and commercial construction and site and land development services based on the same values put in place by their father.

Our Timeline


Johnny McLeRoy starts a residential construction company, McLeRoy, Inc., along with his father Harold McLeRoy.


With business growing Johnny McLeRoy can no longer keep up with demand by himself. At this time his wife, Joan, joins the firm becoming McLeRoy, Inc.’s first full-time office manager.


Johnny McLeRoy builds his first rental complex which will eventually show as the early beginnings of McLeRoy Rentals.


McLeroy has established itself as a leading residential contractor and adds commercial work to its resume.


Dee McLeRoy joins his father in the business and broadens the commercial and industrial sectors of the company.

McLeRoy Realty is formed to better serve their real estate clients by not having to outsource sales of their real estate.


Eric McLeRoy joins his father and brother in the family business, successfully adding earth-moving to the company’s growing capabilities.

McLeRoy Rentals is formed to hold and manage the firm’s rental property and land assets.


Maintenance crews and additional management is added to McLeRoy Rentals to ensure our properties are maintained at the highest level.

Georgia passes a law for contractors to be licensed. Based on past experience and education, McLeRoy secures an unlimited General Contractors License.


McLeRoy starts its transition from the area’s leading residential contractor to an industrial and commercial contractor.


During this time the earthmoving portion has become large enough to not only support their own projects, McLeRoy begins completing work for other general contractors. Thus establishing McLeRoy Inc – Grading Division.


McLeRoy acquires Pike Realty to merge forces with McLeRoy Realty.


McLeRoy celebrates 40 years of business.


McLeRoy sees a rise in road infrastructure work and obtains GDOT certification.


McLeRoy, acquires additional rental properties bringing the total holdings to over 400 properties.


With an increasing workload of utility work on the books McLeRoy, retains a utility manager and obtains a Utility Contractors License to keep this specialized scope of work in-house.


As business grows and McLeRoy, is awarded increasingly complex projects. Our first full-time engineer, Matt Andrews, joins the firm.


McLeRoy, establishes itself as a leading local DOT Contractor with the award of 4 DOT projects to start January 2016.


McLeRoy is awarded the contract to move 1,000,000 cubic yards of dirt and lay over 14,000 liner feet of storm pipe for new Eastside High School 90 acre site in Covington, GA.


McLeRoy, operates as a leading general contractor, providing comprehensive commercial and industrial construction services as well as site and land development, in the state of Georgia.