Meeting Deadlines, Exceeding Expectations

At McLeRoy we take great pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our Industrial Construction clients, recognizing the value of time, and working tirelessly from planning through completion, so that clients can remain focused on their business instead of their facilities. Our long standing reputation for integrity, quality, and hard work has been constantly growing in the industrial marketplace over the years, winning McLeRoy a niche in this market by cultivating our ideals in every project we build.

A Track Record of Results

Vast experience in all aspects of project estimation, management and construction have made McLeRoy a natural fit in the Industrial Construction industry. Outstanding projects include manufacturing, assembly, fabrication and shipping facilities.

Recognizing the Importance of Safety

At McLeRoy Inc., there is nothing of greater importance than safety and loss prevention. We believe accidents resulting in employee injury or illness and damage to property and equipment represent needless waste and loss. That’s why it is the policy of McLeRoy to conduct all operations safely to help prevent injuries and illness to employees and damage to property.