The Full-Service Site Development Contractor

Since our inception, integrity, quality and hard work have been the hallmark behind the McLeRoy name. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail allows McLeRoy to provide thorough and cost-effective site development services throughout the state of Georgia.

A Comprehensive Approach

We believe being involved in all areas of construction helps us be a more informed company to meet every client’s needs. It has always been our goal to be a company large enough to meet any client goals in a timely manner, while remaining small enough to maintain our meticulous attention to detail and keeping quality as its peak.

No matter the size of the project McLeRoy has always taken a hands-on approach to all our projects. We guarantee that one principal of the company will make at least three job visits to a project during every week of construction. At McLeRoy we feel it is this attention to detail, commitment to quality, and good old fashioned hard work that has enabled us to position ourselves as one of the leading site development contractors in the state of Georgia.

Modern Advantages

At McLeRoy we endeavor to utilize the best technology available to complete projects accurately and efficiently.  Our modern fleet is equipped with GPS control by Topcon. This cutting edge system can lead to a safer job sites, and provides our operators instant grade feedback, ensuring we don’t move dirt twice — allowing for faster completion time and more cost-effective operations.