McLeRoy is a premier excavation, and site development contractor in mid-Georgia.

We specialize in taking a project from the ground breaking to the final grade. Our crews specialize in mass grading, fine grading, remediation, roads, parking lots and building pads.  

We realize the importance of each project, and our values, work ethic, and commitment to safety run DEEP.


Our knowledgable staff is committed to quality, safety, and reliability. Each member understands the importance of timeliness and hard work for the common goal of getting a job completed successfully.


Project delays can be very costly. Our staff and owners meet weekly and review progress on all projects to stay ahead of potential concerns and keep clients informed to guarantee an efficient completion date.


McLeRoy understands the value of our equipment. This is why we constantly work to maintain our equipment. We know the importance in having the right type, size and amount of equipment running on a job.


Our staff is very aware that we are the first on a job site and it is crucial to a projects success to start on schedule and be completed on time. We understand that the longer a job takes the more the job will cost.


We strive to have the best technology available to complete projects more efficiently and accurate. Our machines are equipped with GPS control by Topcon, which gives our operators instant feedback as to what the finish grade looks like to ensure we will not move dirt twice which leads to longer project completion time and more costly operations. This system also leads to a safer jobsite by eliminating being on the ground during grading operations.  

Approaching Each Job with Safety in Mind

At McLeRoy Inc., there is nothing of greater importance than safety and loss prevention. We believe accidents resulting in employee injury or illness and damage to property and equipment represent needless waste and loss. That’s why it is the policy of McLeRoy to conduct all operations safely to help prevent injuries and illness to employees and damage to property.